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Day 1 - Measure Up

Find out where you are right now so you can get moving in the right direction quick!

Step-by-step I'll guide you through a simple and powerful exercise to identify your strengths and where to spend your time and energy to build your business.

Day 2 - Impact 

Today is all about how can you help your clients best? 

I help you identify exactly what kind of a problem-solver you are so you will be poised to attract your ideal clients.

Day 3 - Get Ready

Get ready to work with new clients.

Create a seamless and easy system to welcome new clients. So when you get a flood of new business you can welcome them with open arms.

Day 4 - Get Set

Make it easy for clients to schedule appointments. 

By the end of today, you'll know exactly how to manage your time and resources in an easy stress-free way and watch your calendar fill up with amazing clients.

Day 5 - Show Up

Your clients are looking for you. 

They are looking for someone to help them solve their problems and reach their goals. 

Learn how to show up in an authentic genuine way. 

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Who's behind this challenge?

Candy Motzek is a long time entrepreneur as well as a senior leader in “corporate". She coaches brilliant coaches and heart centered entrepreneurs to gain clarity, grow in confidence and take action on what matters most to create a successful and profitable Lifestyle Business.

In her free time, Candy enjoys dance, and spending time at her cabin by the ocean with her family.